Our Pledge & Social Responsibility


As the first company to deliver luxury items to all 54 countries in Africa, one of our biggest motivators is providing all Africans with global brands.

We believe part of what drives Lux Afrique Boutique is giving back while we provide international access to the very best.

Our mission extends far beyond luxury commerce, Lux Afrique is committed to providing opportunities to those that need them most.

Our commitment and pledge is “to give back to Africa in every way that we can”

We’re currently doing this by;

  1. Donating a percentage of annual revenue to African charities and projects across Africa.
  2. Sponsoring and Investing in up and coming African brands and designers.
  3. Investing in textile and manufacturing industries in Africa.

We are always looking for charities that help in any way across the African continent. Feel free to email us at info@luxafrique.com and let us know about your charity and initiative to get on our charity list.

    Supporting Charities

    • Soon to be announced!