Car Leasing
Car Leasing

Car Leasing

Experience the pinnacle of elegance and performance with our luxury car leasing service. Indulge in the thrill of driving world-class vehicles, meticulously maintained for your ultimate comfort and style. Whether for business or pleasure, elevate your journey with our exclusive fleet.

Get Your Dream Car — Do you need a car its easy! Get one on Carasti app in minutes! New Cars | Flexible Terms | Delivery in 4 Hours | No Down-payments, No Loans, No Worries. Switch Car Anytime.

Terms Duration 
Flex | 3 Months | 6 Months | 12 Months | 24 Months

Why Choose Us?
It is the easiest way to your next new car. Great value for money, amazing customer service and the simplest booking process.
After just six months to a year, we make it easy to return your vehicle and get into a new one so you can get that new car experience again and again!
Put the hassles of traditional ownership and leasing behind you and join thousands of happy Car Subscription customers.

This car leasing service is exclusively available in the UAE region.

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